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Advertisement design

Advertisements measurements are are 50mm by 42.50mm.


If you design your advertisement for the Interlaken Tourist Map 3D in-house, please follow these guidelines:


  • The advertisement should be send per email to

  • The layout of the advertisement is a rectangle in landscape orientation.

  • Reserve a 2mm margin around the print advertisement.

  • Apart from the margin, there should also be an approximate 2mm bleed around the print advertisment.

  • Leave some space in the upper left corner of the advertisement, so we can add the red dot with your business' number on the map and the advertisement.

  • Fonts on the print advertisement should not be less than 6 pt, to be still readable for most people.

  • It is preferred to send us an editable file (.EPS or .PSD) so we can make minor adjustments for the benefit of the advertisement.

  • Otherwise, send us a file in 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) in .JPG, .PDF, or .TIFF format.


Alternatively, we can design your advertisement for you. For this we only need a description of the texts you want to have on the advertisement. In most cases we can work with your house-style from your company website and use the available images.




Tips & Tricks


These tips might help you create a great and effective advertisement:


  • Use a clear font that is easily readable. No italic or handwriting style fonts.

  • We recommend to use English as the main language for your advertisement. English is best understood by most visitors.

  • Nonetheless, keep your target audience in mind. Would you also like to write a slogan in German, Chinese or Arab? Its all possible. 

  • Note your website, email and telephone number in the advertisement. Postal code and fax number are not that relevant.

  • Have a good TripAdvisor or other platform rating? Put their rating logo on your advertisement.

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